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Prime Lung


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Product Details:

  • Features a blend of 9 herbs and botanicals to support lung health

  • Promotes healthy lung function and supports respiratory membrane health

  • Vegetarian formula and 100% transparent label—no hidden ingredients, just quality and value you can trust

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Did you know the average person takes more than 6 million breaths per year? It’s true! And it’s all possible thanks to your hard-working lungs. The maximum amount of air a healthy lung can hold is about 6 liters, or the equivalent of about three large soda bottles. But over time it is normal for lung function to decline, especially after age 35.

Other factors influence the health of your lungs too, like environmental toxins or pollutants, seasonal health concerns, dust, dander and more, and it can all add up to less than optimal lung function. How well your lungs are able to do their job affects your overall wellbeing, so it’s important to keep the health of your lungs in focus. Fortunately, certain herbal ingredients can promote healthy lung function, and we’ve combined 9 of the best herbal lung supporters in one convenient capsule. .

Swanson Prime Lung contains mullein, angelica, chickweed, fenugreek, pennyroyal, myrrh, yarrow, nettle, and echinacea—time-tested botanicals used in traditional herbalism to promote healthy lung function and boost immune health. This potent herbal blend features a 100% clean and transparent label, with no ingredients hidden behind proprietary formulas, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

A healthy lifestyle can support optimal lung health. Add steps to your wellness routine to keep your lungs as healthy as possible.