May 20, 2020
Mellow Mag – Orange Flavor
May 20, 2020

Cordyceps Complex with Reishi and Shiitake Mushrooms


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  • Triple-action mushroom supplement with Cordyceps, Reishi and Shiitake mushroom

  • Delivers unprecedented support for immune health

  • Standardized extracts deliver consistent potency you can rely on

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Modern science and ancient Chinese herbal wisdom join forces to bring you unprecedented support for your body’s defenses. For hundreds of years, Chinese herbalists have treasured reishi and shiitake mushrooms and the highly prized “caterpillar fungus,” Cordyceps sinensis, as powerful tonics to reinforce the immune system during times of increased stress. Our special formula features state-of-the-art extracts of these three esteemed fungal defenders standardized to deliver consistent concentrations of active constituents for guaranteed potency in each veggie capsule.