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May 20, 2020
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May 20, 2020

Russian Rejuvenator – Featuring DHQvital


Case Qty: 30


Product Details:

  • Bioavailable antioxidant support

  • Delivers dihydroquercetin (DHQ) plus vitamin C

  • Beyond Quercetin: a supplement for overall wellness

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Swanson Russian Rejuvenator delivers DHQ, Dihydroquercetin (also known as Taxifolin) for a total-body wellness. This supplement goes beyond quercetin thanks to DHQ’s highly soluble and bioavailable form (regular quercetin is neither soluble nor bioavailable). With the Russian Rejuvenator, you get 50 mg of DHQvital™ Dihydroquercetin from the Siberian Larch tree.

More on DHQ: Swanson Ultra’s Russian Rejuvenator utilizes DHQ developed by Russian scientist Dr. Anatoliy Gavrilov, who, within the Russian Academy of Sciences, developed an innovative technology for extracting ultra-pure, native-form, super-antioxidant DHQ using only purified water and small amounts of food-grade ethanol.