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April 24, 2020
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April 24, 2020

Inulin Powder

45 Powder

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45 Powder

Product Details:

  • Prebiotic soluble fiber for digestive health

  • FOS from Chicory Root with chicoric acid

  • Inulin powder made with delicious sweetener

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Serving Size: 5 g
45 Servings Per Container

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Inulin powder is a soluble fiber and fructo- oligosaccharide (FOS) that functions as a prebiotic to promote digestive health by stimulating beneficial bacteria in the gut. New chicory-derived Inulin powder from Swanson Ultra is suitable for adding to many of your favorite foods as a thickening agent and sweetener. The possibilities are endless and the benefits are great.

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DIRECTIONS: Mix one scoop (5 g) in your favorite food or beverage. Scoop included.

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