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May 20, 2020
AjiPure L-Proline, Pharmaceutical Grade
May 20, 2020

Hawthorn & CoQ10


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Product Details:

  • Features superpotent standardized hawthorn extract

  • Hawthorn delivers broad-spectrum antioxidant nutrition

  • Supports cellular energy production and cardiovascular function

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Optimize your enjoyment of life at any age with the energizing nutrition of Hawthorn & CoQ10. They say age is just a number, but as that number gets bigger, many of us find that we don’t have the energy we did in our younger years. This special formula combines the invigorating nutrients of CoQ10 with the age- defying antioxidant power of hawthorn berry to put the pep back in your step so your energy can keep pace with your enthusiasm. CoQ10 is considered by many nutritional scientists to be the most important non-vitamin nutrient in human physiology due to the crucial role it plays in cellular energy production. The body’s ability to product CoQ10 declines with age, which is why many people find supplemental CoQ10 helpful for maintaining their energy levels as they grow older. Hawthorn berry has long been known as a heart-health herb, thanks to its antioxidant constituents which promote healthy blood flow to the heart and throughout the body. Our veggie capsules feature pure, whole hawthorn berry and standardized hawthorn berry extract to deliver broad-spectrum antioxidant nutrition with potency you can rely on.