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April 24, 2020
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April 24, 2020

Colon Essentials

90 Capsules

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90 Capsules

Product Details:

  • Nourishes the cells and tissues of the lower GI tract

  • A comprehensive blend of herbs, nutrients and beneficial bacteria

  • Features vitamins A, C and D, calcium, garlic, folic acid and more

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Serving Size: 1 capsule
90 Servings Per Container
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You hear it in the news with increasing frequency—colon health is a major concern. Swanson Colon Essentials is here to help. Not a fiber product or a colon cleanser, this unique formula is a blend of select dietary ingredients known to nourish and defend the cells and tissues of the lower GI tract. It combines herbal extracts with focused minerals and antioxidant vitamins for specialized nutritional support.

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Suggested use:
As a dietary supplement, take one capsule per day with food and water.

Consult with your healthcare provider before use if you are pregnant or nursing or if you have or have had liver disease, kidney disease, elevated homocysteine or cancer.

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