Full Spectrum Angelica Root
May 20, 2020
Salacia Oblonga 20:1 Extract
May 20, 2020


150 mg – 30

Case Qty: 30

150 mg – 30

Product Details:

  • Supports healthy cholesterol levels already within the normal range

  • Targets unique mechanisms in the body that promote heart health 

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Sytrinol is a proprietary blend of citrus flavones and palm tocotrienols that help support heart health. What makes Swanson Ultra Sytrinol so effective is that it works three different ways to protect your cardiovascular system. First, its polymethoxylated flavones (PMFs) decrease apoprotein B, a structural protein. Second, PMFs decrease levels of liver enzymes needed for synthesis of triglycerides. Third, the palm tocotrienols in Sytrinol inhibit HMG CoA reductase, an enzyme responsible for liver support. This three-pronged approach makes Sytrinol one of the most effective supplements to cover your cardio health bases.