Chlorophyllin & Mint
April 24, 2020
May 20, 2020

Full Spectrum Cayenne & Fenugreek


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Product Details:

  • Supports circulatory and cardiovascular health

  • Promotes blood flow to all major organs

  • Helps metabolize fat and carbohydrates

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New Full Spectrum Cayenne & Fenugreek from Swanson Premium combines two of the world’s most effective herbs for circulatory support. Cayenne is best known for its spicy flavor, but that capsaicin also provides powerful support for circulatory health, promoting blood flow to all the major organs. Fenugreek features steroidal saponins that support healthy fat and carbohydrate metabolism and promote a healthy lipid balance in the bloodstream. Together they constitute an effective way to care for your cardiovascular system daily.