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May 20, 2020
DHEA and Pregnenolone Complex
May 20, 2020


420 mg – 50

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420 mg – 50

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  • Affordable, effective whole-body nourishment

  • Plays a key role in maintaining a healthy heart, mind and liver

  • Each high-absorption softgel delivers 420 mg of phosphatidylcholine from lecithin

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Make a healthy move for your heart, mind and liver—supplement your daily diet with Swanson Phosphatidylcholine! As a key constituent of bile, phosphatidylcholine is an important nutrient for liver function and healthy cholesterol maintenance. Its role in the production of vital neurotransmitters makes it essential for healthy mental function as well. Our high-absorption softgels are a great way to ensure a healthy daily supply of this valuable nutrient.