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May 20, 2020
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May 20, 2020


100 mg – 30

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100 mg – 30

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  • Functional flavonoid may help fine-tune your mind

  • Strawberry flavonoid that may help promote cognition and overall brain health

  • Features an advanced Fisetin extract called Novusetin™

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When researchers discovered a positive correlation between strawberry consumption and mental functioning, they set out on a fast path to discover why. It turns out strawberries are high in a flavonoid called Fisetin, which preliminary research suggests may be responsible for the berries’ apparent brain-health benefits. Now our Swanson Ultra® Fisetin supplement lets you harness these mind-nourishing powers with Novusetin™, an advanced Fisetin extract from the “wax tree” (Rhus succedanea, an Asian species of sumac). Novusetin is produced under license from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, where much of the exciting research on Fisetin is taking place. While no human trials have been completed, recent pre-clinical research support Fisetin’s potential as a senotherapeutic and its benefits for brain health and healthy aging. In the field of brain nutrition, a Novusetin Fisetin supplement is truly on the cutting edge, and you can get it today in Swanson Ultra Fisetin—the clear choice for cognitive support.