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May 20, 2020
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May 20, 2020

Ox Bile


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Product Details:

  • Delivers bioavailable iron to your body

  • Boost the absorption rate of iron, needed by your body to transport oxygen*

  • Features 45% cholic acid, the primary human bile acid

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Bile has had a long and integral history in the folk traditions of the world due to its role in digestion of fats and liver protection.* In order for the body to be able to digest vitamins and minerals, enough bile must be present. Recent studies strongly suggest that bile is important for iron absorption.* Adequate iron intake is especially important for the body, as it transports oxygen to our cells and without it we can become depleted.* Now Swanson Health Products® brings you Ox Bile, making the nutrition of iron more bioavailable. Delivers 45% cholic acid, which is the primary human bile acid. Ours is sourced from bovine, which is chemically similar to human bile, so it’s easily recognized by and assimilated into our own bodies.