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May 20, 2020
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Mellow Mag – Raspberry Lemonade

330 mg – 10

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330 mg – 10

Product Details:

  • NEW! Nature’s calming magnesium supplement 10 pack—single serve drink packs perfect for travel or on the go!

  • Great tasting magnesium drink supports relaxation & helps defend against stress—vegan, gluten free & non-GMO

  • 330 mg of magnesium per serving also assists in the absorption of calcium by the body to promote strong bones

  • With only 6 ingredients, you get exactly what you want without any unnecessary additives

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The word is out! Magnesium, an important mineral involved in hundreds of functions throughout the body, is also one of nature’s most effective calming nutrients for both mind and body. Magnesium drinks are becoming more and more popular as a natural method to combat everyday stress, calm the mind and put your entire body at ease at the end of a long day.

Mellow Mag from Swanson Health Products is formulated with a higher concentration of easy-mixing magnesium powder than leading magnesium drinks to ensure you’re getting enough to satisfy all of your body’s relaxation needs. Mellow Mag will be a welcome addition to your relaxation routine (without more pills to swallow!). Now available in convenient single serve drink packs so you can take your calm with you wherever you go.

Beyond magnesium’s natural relaxing benefits, it’s also a crucial mineral for building and maintaining strong bones. According to recent studies, more than 50 million Americans over the age of 50 are already living with low bone mass. The baby boomer generation could push that number to as high as 70 million in the coming years. To fight this trend and help people maintain their mobility and active lifestyles, clinical studies have focused a lot on calcium supplementation, as it is a key building block of healthy, strong bones.

The problem, however, is that magnesium is often just an afterthought in these recommendations. Yet it is the presence of magnesium that allows your body to absorb calcium and deliver it where it is needed most—your bones. Mellow Mag delivers 330 mg of easy-mixing magnesium (a stronger serving than other magnesium drinks) that your body can put to use strengthening your bones and at a fraction of the price! Unwind, relax and restore with Mellow Mag.