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May 20, 2020
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May 20, 2020

Magnesium L-Threonate – Featuring Magtein


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Product Details:

  • Only form of magnesium shown to cross the blood-brain barrier to promote optimum levels within the brain

  • Promotes learning and memory

  • Supports cognitive health

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Swanson Magnesium L-Threonate featuring Magtein™ promotes healthy neuronal activity for the support of healthy cognitive function. Traditional solutions for cognitive support involve stimulating the neurons to promote peak brain function. But over time, this can lead to burnout and have the opposite effect. New Magnesium L-Threonate works differently. Its patented form of magnesium nourishes the brain. Preliminary research suggests great potential for this new magnesium—the only form known to readily cross the blood-brain barrier and function within the brain. Protect the power of your mind today with Magnesium L-Threonate from Swanson Ultra.