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May 20, 2020
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May 20, 2020

5-HTP Enteric Coated Extra Strength

100 mg – 30

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100 mg – 30

Product Details:

  • Enteric Coated 5-HTP Extra Strength from Swanson Ultra

  • Enjoy stomach-friendly serotonin support

  • Promotes mental well-being, healthy stress management and sound sleep

  • With Griffonia simplicifolia

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Get stomach-friendly serotonin support with this all-new Enteric Coated 5-HTP Extra Strength supplement from Swanson Ultra. Ensure the effectiveness of your 5-HTP with our new enteric- coated tablets. This form of tryptophan is a leading supplement for supporting mental well- being, combating stress and promoting sound, restful sleep. Unfortunately, some experts suggest that stomach acids may reduce the activity of 5-HTP supplements and some people find that effective doses can irritate their stomachs. Our new enteric coated 5-HTP tablets feature a protective coating designed to survive stomach acids and release in the small intestine. Enteric delivery reduces the potential for stomach upset while preserving the active ingredient for optimum absorption and bioavailability.