Bee Pollen
May 20, 2020
Multi-Glandular For Women
May 20, 2020

MCT Oil (100% Pure)

14 g – 20

Case Qty: 12

14 g – 20

Product Details:

  • Nourishment for both brain and body

  • Fuels athletic performance and supports healthy brain function

  • Great source of medium-chain fatty acids

  • Contains no trans fats

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Long popular with athletes as a source of quick energy, MCT [medium chain triglyceride] oil is now gaining recognition as a valuable brain nutrient because it fuels the production of ketone bodies that support healthy central nervous system function. Swanson Premium 100% Pure MCT Oil is derived from coconut and red palm kernel oils. It’s great by itself or you can add it to foods for an energizing nutritional boost.