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May 20, 2020
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Gamma Oryzanol from Rice Bran

60 mg – 30

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60 mg – 30

Product Details:

  • Concentrated antioxidant nutrition for ageless vitality

  • Free-radical scavenging power up to 10 times stronger than vitamin E

  • Delivers hormone support for physical and emotional well-being

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Defy Father Time with the age-proofing antioxidant nutrition of our new Gamma Oryzanol. Found in small amounts in rice bran oil, gamma oryzanol is a mixture of steryl and triterpenyl ferulic acid esters with amazing antioxidant capacity—roughly ten times the free-radical scavenging capability of vitamin E. This incredible antioxidant activity has made gamma oryzanol one of the most promising healthy-aging supplements on the market today. Plus, it appears to have other benefits as well.

Recently, gamma oryzanol has been gaining popularity among athletes as a way to enhance exercise performance and speed post-exercise recovery. That’s not surprising in light of the vital role antioxidants play in neutralizing free-radicals generated as metabolic by-products during intense physical exercise. In addition to its antioxidant effects, many bodybuilders are incorporating gamma oryzanol into their nutritional plans to deliver hormonal support for muscular development.

The hormonal support of gamma oryzanol has also made it popular among women to help maintain physical and emotional well-being throughout the menopausal transition. Many nutritional experts also recommend gamma oryzanol to help maintain a favorable lipid balance for healthy cardiovascular function. Our veggie caps feature 60 mg of gamma oryzanol extracted from rice bran and rice germ.