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May 20, 2020
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May 20, 2020

Black Ginger Extract

100 mg – 30

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100 mg – 30

Product Details:

  • Supports healthy circulation and physical vigor

  • Promotes mental and emotional well-being

  • Standardized to 15% polymethoxy flavonoids (PMFs)

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Swanson Superior Herbs Black Ginger Extract features a premier standardized Kaempferia paviflora extract with a guaranteed concentration of 15% polymethoxy flavonoids. Some research into these compounds would seem to theoretically support the traditional use of black ginger for sexual health and physical vigor in that they appear to provide some support to circulatory health and tissue integrity. In the heart and circulatory system, Black Ginger PMFs have been found to exert mild relaxing properties on muscle tissue and endothelium (the inner lining of your blood vessels) while protecting the endothelium from oxidative stress by acting as antioxidants. These actions have positive ramifications on the entire cardiovascular system. Specific methoxyflavones in Black Ginger have demonstrated cholinergic properties, meaning they support levels of choline and acetylcholine in the brain to promote mental and emotional well-being.