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May 20, 2020
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May 20, 2020

Soy Isoflavones – Standardized

750 mg – 15

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750 mg – 15

Product Details:

  • A potent supply of soy nutrition

  • Features 750 mg of SoyLife soy germ complex standardized to 1.8% isoflavone content

  • Promotes strong, healthy bones, cardiovascular maintenance and more

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Swanson Premium Soy Isoflavones addresses cardiovascular maintenance, bone strength, menopausal discomfort, immune function and more. With 750 mg of SoyLife® soy germ complex standardized to 1.8 percent isoflavone content, our Soy Isoflavone capsules are an easy way to get a healthy supply of soy nutrition on a daily basis.